Our new office in Tampa covers the Greater Tampa Bay area including St. Petersburg and Lakeland for everything related to Lean consulting. Have a Lean consultant with process improvement expertise show up at your site to offer executive management coaching and/or consulting, using an implementation system that has proven successful in any industry and any function.

Imagine for a moment that other companies are showing up with busloads of people to tour your facilities because you’re recognized as the most outstanding company in your industry.

We get that done for our Lean clients . . . very quickly. And those folks show up because world class quality and delivery times create interest by virtue of their operational excellence. You can achieve that same successful continuous improvement culture.

We do it through a special methodology that’s easy to follow and puts all the right pieces in the right places. You’ll implement those same steps and achieve the culture shift that marks a real Lean transformation, allowing you to leave a legacy and the beginning of a new era for the fast growing company you end up creating.

If you want to be recognized for a legacy like that, call right now at (877)29O-2425.


►►►Are you a Lean Consultant?  Did you ever get that sinking feeling in your stomach that the C-Suite is not going to let your Lean implementation change them?

You can stop that today. Get that buy-in with a methodology that goes straight to the heart of Lean transformation, a step-by-step way to have Executives LEAD the Lean implementation, instead of being observer/by-standers.

Our coaching and consulting integrates elegant minimal shifting as the basis for company wide Lean management implementation, at the organizational level and at an individual level. We believe that all success can be modeled and then, through excellent procedures, consistently reproduced.

Received training and then caught yourself wondering, “what next?” Then our coaching program may be just the right thing for you. You get the answer to that question in spades, while also boosting the net impact of your company’s efforts in all the right places.

Don’t just “dent the universe” as Steve Jobs put it – take steps to bend it. Lean management is rapidly replacing command & control “bandaid” management and you can turbocharge the speed with which that happens.

If you believe as we do, that Lean management has the power to transform your community as your industry – economically, personally and spiritually, we want to work with you. Join us and help to get there quickly and smoothly.

Our products are designed to produce leadership change, specifically as that change relates to management technology – how things get done. These are the most powerful techniques that anyone knows of, tried and tested by professional Lean consultants all over the world.

We deliver the Lean Lift Blueprint and other workshops online so you can learn and implement as quickly or as slowly as you are able. Check out the training tab to see the course.

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