Instant Team Workshop

Here’s a Breakdown of the Entire Training Curriculum

The Instant Team Workshop is self-paced, online training providing you with the tools you need to perform a half day workshop that guarantees you will double your teams’ productivity and have all of your future company meetings humming along with the best output, because your teams will be performing at world-class levels.
This training is easy to consume and highly effective…
If you’re going to make a living implementing lean, you need to do this every single time you walk into an organization. First thing. And you’re going to learn exactly how to optimize those teams and become known right out of the gate as the “teamwork expert.”

Here’s What You Get

  • Learn why most teams are dysfunctional and DON’T WORK long-term…
  • Learn how to structure teams correctly and more importantly, teach them how to do it upfront
  • Learn the key reason why most teams get caught up in a negative loop that hurts performance
  • Learn how to set up the workshop so that you can introduce it without any resistance
  • Set your clients up for success by elegantly locking in this foundational block of lean management

Meet your host, Jim

My name is Jim Hudson — founder of the Lean Expert Academy, partner in the Lean Leadership Institute, and author of the soon to be released book, Lea(R)n Thinking. I am also the CEO of a lean consulting company where I train lean consultants to implement the exact methodology and techniques that you will learn here.

I’ve been called “The Wolf” . . . because for many years, every time something went wrong at a client’s implementation, I got the call and not only fixed it, but got even more consulting work out of “the crisis”.

I’m on a quest to “bend the universe”. I believe it’s not okay for us to sit back and just let the lean movement limp along, as it has over the past 30 years. It’s time for all of us to turn up the power and turbocharge the efforts, so that everything that has the name management attached to it, is done with lean thinking and lean management.

My goal is to produce as many excellent lean thinking implementers as possible – to arm you with the ability to recreate what I and my team of consultants have been doing consistently for the past six years.


Here’s What You’ll Learn

The Instant Team Workshop is all about teaming and teaming is the KEY to success in business and life. This training is going to show you how to master it . . .
Even though this program ISN’T ABOUT about being a team expert, you might wind up getting more from this training than any other . . . because it’s about one of the foundational block of organizations – working together.
This workshop is our most popular training.

Risk Free 100% Guarantee
Complete Satisfaction with Lean Passion at the Top
Or Get a Full Refund

No haggling, nothing to do, just say the word and we’ll refund your payment. I want you to feel secure that when you use this training and do the exercises, you’re going to get the results you expect.
I want you to be completely satisfied with what you are buying and I am absolutely confident that what you learn here will be so effective and so different than anything else available to you right now, that you’ll be excited by what you can accomplish.


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