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I am the founder of the Lean Expert Academy, previous partner in the Lean Leadership Institute with Jeff Liker (The Toyota Way), Paul Akers (2 Second Lean) and Norm Bodek (Productivity Press Founder); and the CEO of a Lean consulting company where I train Lean consultants to implement the exact methodology and techniques that you can learn here. I am also about to release a book, Lean 2.0: How to Dominate Your Industry Using Lea(R)n Thinking.

I’m on a quest to “bend the universe.” I believe it’s not okay for us to sit back and just let the Lean movement limp along, as it has over the past 30 years. I also believe that in light of the fact that we have access to this new management technology, doing things the old way and living with the suboptimal results that are inevitable from commander management, is next to criminal. It’s time for those of us who are in the industry of Lean change, to turn up the heat and turbocharge our efforts by making change happen faster and more elegantly; so that everything that has the name management attached to it, is done with Lean thinking and Lean management.

I know for a fact, after years of being deep in the trenches of making change happen (as opposed to the role of many “observer-reporters” who write about Lean) that implementing Lean is not that hard to do. It’s actually quite easy and my course shows you exactly how to achieve that outcome.

My goal and mission is to produce as many excellent Lean thinking implementers as possible – to arm you with the ability to recreate what I and my team of consultants have been doing consistently for the past eight years. If you are serious about seeing Lean spread more quickly, please join me.

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